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T-SQL Tuesday #050: Automation, lessons learnt

The topic for the golden jubilee edition is, “Automation”. What is T-SQL Tuesday? T-SQL Tuesday is a monthly blog party hosted by a different blogger each month. This blog party was started by Adam Machanic (blog|twitter). You can take part

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T-SQL Tuesday #46: You did what? Creative hacks to common problems

This whole thing, was put in a store procedure and then called from a job step for a long running job. For example, like a database backup job. And additional logic was written around the return value to write proper error numbers to application log. These event-ids where then picked up by monitoring applications and alerts where raised.

I have mixed feelings about this solution. Although, it worked without a problem (I am secretly proud that I was able to write something like this); I would have loved to just upgrade the servers to SQL 2008 and be done with it.

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T-SQL Tuesday #040: File and Filegroup Wisdom (Quick Introduction to FILESTREAM)

A quick and generic introduction to FILESTREAM for T-SQL Tuesday #40

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T-SQL Tuesday #39: Getting Installed Instances, querying logs

This week’s T-SQL Tuesday is being hosted by Wayne Sheffield, and the topic is to blog about anything PowerShell related to SQL Server.
Today I am going to write about a few things:
-Getting a list of installed instances on a particular box.
-Reading the SQL*Server error logs using SMO.
-Querying the Windows event logs for errors.

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T-SQL Tuesday #38 – Standing Firm

I am going to be writing about resolution.

To me the word means, ‘firmness of purpose’. That dogged resolve to see through an issue to the end is something I miss dearly but, I would like to make a very conscious effort towards giving the best I can when working on something.

Being proactive and industrialization of existing solutions are some of the goals I set this year.

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