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Working with EPPlus and PowerShell

I recently worked on a requirement, where the end user wanted to convert Excel files into tab-delimited text files. In my head I was like, this is easy: “PowerShell FTW! Yay!”. The reason for the excitement was because we already have two repositories that I know work well with Excel and fit my requirement.
◾Doug Finke’s – ImportExcel module.
◾Warren F’s – PSExcel module

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Retrieve your blog posts from WordPress using REST API

If you own a wordpress blog and are curious as to how many posts you blogged with a particular tag, the Invoke-RestMethod is here to help you.

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Windows Azure setup for using with PowerShell

In this post we will see how you can create a logical server and database instance on Windows Azure SQL Database and connect to the database using PowerShell.

First things first, we need a Windows Azure subscription. Presently, you can register for a free trail at

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Using verbal expressions to make regex easy in PowerShell

What it means is that, we write ‘Four times X plus 3 equals seven’, and get ‘4x+3=7′. That example, could be a little misleading so let try it again, a valid url would consist of http at the begining of the line, maybe s if you are accessing a secure site, then it will have ://, maybe www. if you are so inclined to type and anything but a space. The aim of verbal expressions is to let you type the above and get a regular expression that matches a URL which is this: this:’^(?:http)(?:s)?(?:://)(?:www.)?(?:[^\ ])$’

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Down the rabbit hole with PowerShell and Windows Azure SQL Database

In this post we look at how we can REST API to interact with the SQL Azure Database Server.

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Google search results using REST (custom search api) in PowerShell

Chanced upon Google’s custom search API while trying to see if there was a better way to retrieve the search results programatically.

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Filtering data from SQL*Server Errorlogs

Select from SQL*server error log with context.

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