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Working with EPPlus and PowerShell

I recently worked on a requirement, where the end user wanted to convert Excel files into tab-delimited text files. In my head I was like, this is easy: “PowerShell FTW! Yay!”. The reason for the excitement was because we already have two repositories that I know work well with Excel and fit my requirement.
◾Doug Finke’s – ImportExcel module.
◾Warren F’s – PSExcel module

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T-SQL Tuesday #050: Automation, lessons learnt

The topic for the golden jubilee edition is, “Automation”. What is T-SQL Tuesday? T-SQL Tuesday is a monthly blog party hosted by a different blogger each month. This blog party was started by Adam Machanic (blog|twitter). You can take part

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T-SQL Tuesday #050: Automation, how much of it is the same?

Automation plays a huge part in our lives and the DBA profession is no so different. A couple of years ago this topic was shared by Pat Wright. I would like to revisit this again and see how much of our approach has changed.

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Working with INI style files in PowerShell

Anyways, about year ago I was working on moving some parts of our deployment scripts to PowerShell. One of the things that was on the to-do list was parsing and building hashes out of .ini style files. It was not uncommon to find these files used for persisting configuration information and also for automation so, I assumed we would have a built-in cmdlet to cover this kind of a file. We do not have it.

It is a little disappointing but, since the structure of the file is almost static; we can code very easily around it.

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