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Filtering data from SQL*Server Errorlogs

Select from SQL*server error log with context.

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Charting and Data Visualization using PowerShell – PSBUG – August 2013

As part of the PowerShell Bangalore User Group meet held yesterday, I had the chance to do my very first session. Although I was quite nervous, I was very excited to talk about PowerShell which is really close to me.

I presented about visualizing data using Microsoft Chart Controls. Most administrators understand the benefits of automation but many fail to showcase the benefits. This is where MS Chart Controls step-in. I believe a visual medium is the most effective way to drive a point; “a picture is worth a thousand words”.

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Detecting Cluster Group Stacking using PowerShell

To Clarify, when I say stacking, all I mean is to find those cluster groups that are not running on the preferred owners i.e. those that are stacked on a different node than the preferred owner.

After the monthly patching cycle completes, we used to spend a considerable amount of time figuring out if all the clustered SQL*Server instances were running on their preferred owners or not. During the latest cycle of patch deployment, I was hard pressed for time and wanted to see if I could put something together, quick and dirty, to display the information easily.

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Setting SCOM console polling rate

It is known that having a number of consoles open slows down the SCOM environment. So if you have more than a few consoles open continuously you might consider lowering the refresh rate of the consoles.

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Shuffle the deck using PowerShell

Generate a random permutation of a given set of elements. Power-shell implementation of the ‘Fisher-Yates Shuffle’.

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An attempt at Conway’s Game of Life using PowerShell

While watching ‘Stephen Hawking’s Grand Design’ couple of weeks ago on Discovery channel. Stephen Hawking was talking about how conscience evolves and how simple cells could evolve into complex beings. As an example, I saw the game of life come up and show how simple starting states can evolve into complex self-sustaining groups. This got me thinking, and while investigating how we code this game of life; I found that the rules are pretty simple. So, I started looking at doing this in PowerShell.

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T-SQL Tuesday #39: Getting Installed Instances, querying logs

This week’s T-SQL Tuesday is being hosted by Wayne Sheffield, and the topic is to blog about anything PowerShell related to SQL Server.
Today I am going to write about a few things:
-Getting a list of installed instances on a particular box.
-Reading the SQL*Server error logs using SMO.
-Querying the Windows event logs for errors.

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