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Setting SCOM console polling rate

It is known that having a number of consoles open slows down the SCOM environment. So if you have more than a few consoles open continuously you might consider lowering the refresh rate of the consoles.

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T-SQL Tuesday #38 – Standing Firm

I am going to be writing about resolution.

To me the word means, ‘firmness of purpose’. That dogged resolve to see through an issue to the end is something I miss dearly but, I would like to make a very conscious effort towards giving the best I can when working on something.

Being proactive and industrialization of existing solutions are some of the goals I set this year.

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Windows Powershell for Developers by Douglas Finke; Published by O’Reilly Media

PowerShell as a scripting environment has enamoured the IT-Pros but, we do not see the same level of enthusiasm from the developers. This could be because there are few good resources they can turn to. This book, bridges that gap by taking a practical approach to development with the shell.

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Capacity planning

Assuming you know your avg.daily growth rate using a method of your choosing; the numbers for 3 months down the line can be calculated using: (avg.daily growth*90)*(1+x)-(existing free space in DB)-(existing free space on disk) Where, x is a fraction

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