By profession, I’m a SQL Server Database Administrator. I love to poke my nose into different corners and see how stuff looks in there. I keep looking for new things to do as my mind refuses to settle on one topic. I will be writing a T-SQL script to process indices in a database by partition and suddenly you will find me trying to loop through a list of databases and seeing if they can be failed over using SMO and PowerShell.

My mind is always oscillating between phases of overtures and finales with no in-between because; I’m always at the flux of two different worlds.  Some call it an interesting experience; I call it an identity crisis in the making.

But, yeah SQL Server and PowerShell are the only two constants in my every changing field of interests.

I even have a couple of blogs to prove that I can write some stuff and call it poetry; you can find these in ‘My Other Blogs’ section. Anyways, this blog is just for the Technical stuff and other stuff just does not fit here.

What do I blog about?

I am definitely going to blog about SQL Server and PowerShell.

I love tinkering around with different things that are at hand especially, programs and scripts. I came to know about PowerShell in early 2010, I was working exclusively with Perl until that point, and loved the introductory article so much that I went ahead and got myself a copy of “Windows PowerShell Cookbook” by “Lee Holmes”. Initially, I looked at PowerShell and thought wow! This is like Perl on steroids but, quickly changed my opinion. As I started working with it, the PowerShell console has become my constant companion.

I love reading about SQL Server, it is so wonderfully vast. My scorpion ego wants to conquer the ocean called SQL Server but, this has been a tough journey in the making. I will, one day be the master of this ocean.

Where can you find me:

Twitter: @SqlChow

profile for sqlchow at Stack Overflow, Q&A for professional and enthusiast programmers

My Other Blogs:

1.            http://candidconversations.wordpress.com

2.            http://crackmonkey.wordpress.com

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