T-SQL Tuesday #38 – Standing Firm


T-SQL Tuesday

This month’s T-SQL Tuesday is hosted by Jason Brimhall (B | T). The topic this month is Standing Firm.

This is my first T-SQL Tuesday post, yay!

My first taste of T-SQL Tuesday was from Erin Stellato’s (B|T) wonderful post for ‘T-SQL Tuesday #36: What Does Community Mean?’ I believe that was her first blog post after joining SQL Skills and it summarized very beautifully why #sqlfamily is so wonderful and I couldn’t agree more. I will tell you why.

Initially (around 2007), for me the community meant www.sqlservercentral.com; kudos to Steve Jones (B|T) and all the contributors on that site for putting their personal time and experience to help the people. I still remember the first thread I created on the site for a database corruption issue and I was like oh! Sh!t that did not just happen. I had none other than Paul Randall (B|T) come to my rescue and even Gail Shaw (B|T) came to my aid; not only did they help me resolve the issue but also helped me understand the fallacy of my move. I was trying to shrink a DB when I noticed the DB corruption; and yes I am not the brightest bulb in the batch. After, that I started to look around and noticed that there was a this wonderful community of database professionals who were ready to share their knowledge and were doing so setting aside their personal time.

Ahem! So back to this month’s topic ‘Standing Firm’; I am going to be writing about resolution.

To me the word means, ‘firmness of purpose’.  That dogged resolve to see through an issue to the end is something I miss dearly but, I would like to make a very conscious effort towards giving the best I can when working on something.

Being proactive and industrialization of existing solutions are some of the goals I set this year.

To me being proactive would actually mean interacting with developers a little more i.e. getting involved in the initial stages of design and development so that life becomes a little easier for us when we finally ‘finish’ the product (*evil laugh*). It also means that we focus on analysis of existing problems and work towards resolving them so that we do not see a recurrence.

Industrialization of existing solutions would mean re-writing PowerShell|T-SQL scripts to automate existing solutions. One of the key things that we miss when looking industrialization is innovation; and I would like to try and find at least innovative solution to a long running issue per quarter.

One last word about ‘Innovation’, this is a word that we hear a lot and sometimes feel stressed hearing it. To me innovation is not always something new; it could just be a new way of doing something old. So, let your imagination fly and innovate.


By profession, I’m a SQL Server Database Administrator. I love to poke my nose into different corners and see how stuff looks in there. I keep looking for new things to do as my mind refuses to settle on one topic.

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